Seymour Triple G

Granny Gear Grind

A 12 km ride up Mount Seymour in support of ACT - Autism Community Training

Thank you to all our riders, sponsors, donors, and volunteers for supporting free online videos for the B.C. autism community. We've surpassed our fundraising goal, raising over $15,000.
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2016 Ride

ACT is very pleased to announce that we raised about $15,000 at the 1st Annual Seymour Triple G fundraiser, thanks to the support from the cycling community and in particular, LomaBike and all our donors and sponsors. To see the complete list of our supporters, visit the Seymour Triple G Thank You section, or download the Thank You Brochure.

The ride took place on Saturday, June 25th, it was an ultra-intense 12 kilometer ride up Mt. Seymour to raise money and awareness for ACT – Autism Community Training. Cyclists braved the ride up Mt Seymour, with the last few kilometers shrouded in dense fog. The top male rider, Paul Moffat made it in 41 minutes. He was closely followed by Morgan Cabot, top female cyclist. They both won a Mt. Seymour Ski Pass.

What’s Next for Autism Videos @ ACT

The goal of the Seymour Triple G was to raise money for the Autism Videos @ ACT. Thanks to the funds raised, ACT has hired an autism specialist to help edit the 10 presentations we have waiting to be added to Autism Videos @ ACT including:

  • Thriving in Youth with ASD – What Does it Take?
  • Positive Behavior Support: What Parents Need to Know!
  • Taking Control of the Future – Planning for Families with Spfecial Needs

Visit the ACT site for a full list of videos ready for editing and publication.There are currently 16 free online videos available, tackling everything from sleep to early intervention. Browse videos here:

By the numbers:

  • 40 riders
  • 18 volunteers, 5 ACT Board members and 7 ACT staff
  • 12 km ride
  • 900 m elevation gain
  • Fastest time: 41 minutes
  • Zero accidents
  • Nearly $12,000 in donations

Prize winners

Mt Seymour All-Season Ski Pass Winners

First male to finish: (in 41 minutes) - Paul Moffat (Velosophy)
First female to finish (second overall) - Morgan Cabot

Draw Prize Winners

Ricardo Breves– Winner of a Garmin GPS
Jean Louis Fuz (Loma Bike)– Winner of a Garmin GPS
Dennis Boyle (Loma Bike) – Winner of a Brite Coaching training package


Thank you to volunteer photographers Robin Bains, Paolo Ciocca, Clare Yow and Leo Yu.

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Ride Information

Saturday, June 25th, 2016

Setup: 6:00am
Registration: 7:30am
Ride start: 8:30am

Staging Area and Start line: St Pius X Elementary School
1150 Mount Seymour Road, North Vancouver
Finish Area: Enquist Lodge parking lot, Mount Seymour

Raising a child with autism in this society, like road cycling, can be a test of endurance. The goal of this event is to raise public awareness and funding for the free online videos that ACT – Autism Community Training provides to families.

This course defines endurance
Distance: 12km
Grade: 7-10%
Elevation gain: 900m

Are you tough enough? This course is tough. It will tax your heart, stamina and determination. This is more than a category 1 climb: like autism, it is “hors catégorie” – a course without categorization.

Please read the rules and guidelines carefully before ride day.


Registration is now closed. See you next year!

Proceeds benefitting

Donations and pledges support ACT – Autism Community Training (ACT). ACT provides evidence-informed information and training services. Funds from this ride are specifically going to the Autism Videos @ ACT (AVA), which hosts 16 free videos on topics ranging from community recreation, education, toilet training, and the transition to adulthood. Donations and sponsorship pay to professionally record and edit live events, and to promote them across B.C.
Support ACT – Autism Community Training by pledging individual riders or teams, or donating directly to ACT. All donations over $10 will receive a tax receipt. ACT’s Charitable Tax Number is #861691236RR0001

About ACT

Endurance in the face of challenge is something that families who have children with autism are all too familiar. Our families demonstrate stamina and determination as they support their children at school and in the community. Autism is a team sport, and family members are essential partners in a child’s growth and development, with the support of professionals.

Families turn to ACT’s information resources to deal with many challenges, including how to:

  • Give their child opportunities to enhance their communications;
  • Encourage regular sleep habits – many families go for weeks if not months or years without a good night’s sleep because their child is unable to settle;
  • Tackle delayed toilet training – this is a very challenging for many families;
  • Entice them to eat a health range of foods – many children have very narrow, unhealthy diets;
  • Address behavioral melt-downs that keep families trapped in their homes;
  • Lessen anxiety by providing strategies that allow children to understand their feelings.

Funds raised from the Seymour Triple G support Autism Videos @ ACT (AVA). ACT’s free online videos share practical, research-based information, in sharp contrast to the variable and often commercial results of a Google search. Geography, costs and scheduling should not prevent families from accessing training. This project makes trusted information available across B.C. at the convenience of families. ACT relies on sponsorship and donations for this project. There are now a total of 16 free educational videos available online. See for examples of videos on community recreation, toilet training, early intervention and sleep. With funding, ACT can video more training events, provide videos in other languages for new Canadians, and market this resource to families across the province.

Find out more on the ACT Website:


Volunteers are an integral part of ride day, helping the day run smoothly.
Email us at to volunteer and find out more about how you can help at the 2017 Seymour Triple G.

We need volunteers to help with:
Ride photography
Day-of Registration
Hydration stations
Serving breakfast

As a volunteer you are eligible for...
A volunteer t-shirt
A letter of recognition from ACT - Autism Community Training
Breakfast at the summit

Thank You!

Thank you to organizers, volunteers, committees, donors and sponsors.

Individual Donors
(click to expand)

  • Maria Carinha
  • Employees at Walmart Penticton
  • Bassim - In Memory of Jury Oja
  • Lee Madruga (CIBC Children's Foundation)
  • Tyson Boychuk (CIBC Wood Gundy)

  • Oceanside Fisheries
  • Blair Dwyer and Dr. Mary Ellen Ross
  • Dr. Pat Mirenda
  • Dr. David Batstone
  • Natalie Clancy
  • Chuck Corrigan
  • Chris Fraser
  • Jean Louise Fuz
  • Dr. Deborah Gibson
  • Patricia Grace
  • Rachelle Grace
  • Anthony Kirschner
  • Tony Kirschner
  • Dr. Charles Krieger
  • Dr. Alisa Lipson and Dr. Joseph M Lucyshyn
  • Sheila MacKay
  • Helga Marshall
  • Chris McIntosh
  • David McIntosh
  • Candace Nancke
  • Alison Narod
  • Deborah Pugh
  • Peter Roth
  • Cindy Dos Santos
  • Dr. David Worling
  • Anonymous (3)
  • Brian Anderson
  • Dennis Boyle
  • John Carinha
  • Tim Chan
  • Kate Dawson
  • Jen Delfino
  • Dr. Christian Duff
  • Mary-Ann Fulks
  • Lora Genaille
  • Pharid Jaffer
  • Christopher Jim
  • Christina Kent
  • Cindy Lau
  • Mimi Lee
  • Scott Lovell
  • PJ Lynd
  • M & M
  • Sarah McNair
  • Anne Naser
  • Christopher O'Connor
  • Tim O'Connor
  • Mark Ordeman
  • Ryan Parsons
  • Odette Pascoa
  • Eric Purtzki
  • Michi Tsurumi
  • Marysa Williams
  • Lana
  • Grant
  • Susie
  • Rachel
  • RWP
  • Anonymous (7)


In-kind Donations

Community Partners

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  • Ricardo Breves
  • Francis Buys
  • Morgan Cabot
  • John Carinha
  • Anthony Chang
  • Chad Dawson
  • Will Delfino
  • David Devisser
  • Kevin Eldridge
  • Natalie Foley
  • Aidan Foster
  • Chris Fraser
  • Jean Louis Fuz
  • Lora Genaille
  • Rachelle Grace
  • Richard Gregory
  • Jacqueline Holmes
  • Christopher Jim
  • Larry Lynd
  • Lee Madruga
  • Helen Mcconnell
  • Andrew McNair
  • Paul Moffat
  • Joe Nguyen
  • Christopher O'Connor
  • Mark Ordeman
  • Wilfred Pascuas
  • Christophe Prud'Homme
  • Eric Purtzki
  • Tara Rosenberg
  • Chris Ryan
  • Bassim Saade
  • Rick Seidelmann
  • Bob Shaw
  • Hannah Skurnik
  • Max Waibler
  • John Ward
  • David Worling

(click to expand)

  • Robin Bains
  • Joy Bischoff
  • Callum Campbell
  • Yvonne Carinha
  • John Carinha
  • Paolo Ciocca
  • Natalie Clancy
  • Noreen Dunn
  • Paul Fijal
  • Pharid Jaffer
  • Karen Kalynchuk
  • Amanda Lo
  • Helga Marshall
  • Nate Robinson
  • Danielle Robinson
  • Darrel Sharpe
  • Julia Whyte
  • Clare Yow
  • Leo Yu

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